Debunking Motivational Speakers

There seems to be this assumption among students about motivational speakers. Well, to begin with, they are all called to an assembly that they assume is going to be lame. They roll their eyes as someone they don’t know is going to tell them to stay in school, don’t do drugs, be independent, don’t succumb to bullying, be an individual and so on and so forth. So is it that motivational speakers are just all fluffy people full of false dreams and empty words? No, they are more than that. Especially if it’s someone who is actually talking from experience.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re now thinking that the person who is speaking from experience is the exception to the rule. That no one else’s life will turn out the same way. But you know what? It can happen to anyone who wants to make it happen. Teach yourself to be yourself, learn how to say not to the things that will only hurt you in life and say yes to the things that inspire your dreams and let you be who you truly are. Still think it’s empty speak?

slideshow-1What are Motivational Speakers?

Well, look right there at the title. They are people who speak in order to get their audience motivated to do a certain action. Whether it’s to be the driver of your own life, or to simply get a job, motivational speakers drive to inspire. Usually they have a degree in something or life experience to make them “qualified” so to speak to profess their wisdom upon the young an impressionable minds of the audience.

What Makes a Good Motivational Speaker?

Passion! That is what you need in order to be effective. If you are not involved in what you are saying, no one will actually care and follow your advice. Or they may not even think that you personally believe in what you say. So you need to care about what you’re talking about while being able to effectively articulate your thoughts to the audience.

You also need to know what you’re talking about. If you are trying to deter kids from doing drugs, you first need to understand how kids get addicted to drugs. Where are the gateways into it? How can it be prevented? It is helpful, though not required to have some experience with the topic as well. So in the case of drugs, it would be helpful if you have education in drugs, have a history with addiction yourself, or experience in some other way. Otherwise, you will not just be blowing smoke, but the kids will all know you are too.

maxresdefault (1)Also make sure what you want to talk about is something that people want to listen to. Or at least should want to listen to. So while kids may not want to be listening to you ramble on the benefits of higher education, the teachers in the school want them to get that message, so it’s important. If you are a motivational speaker trying to help small business owners, your message needs to matter to them. You can’t just be a motivational speaker about whatever you want, because you won’t actually be able to find anyone to listen to you. It’s like if you had some crazy art project and thought you could motivate people into joining you, you would be hard pressed to find people who would actually be motivated by you.


No you cannot expect to get any money as a motivational speaker. Maybe if you were really good someone would be willing to pay you, but certainly not immediately. That is, unless of course you are already famous. But not all of us have that benefit when we get into doing speaking tours in schools. And seriously though, if you are into the school circuit, it’s about the kids, which means you should be doing it from the goodness of your heart and not from the hunger of your pocket book.

I’ve been a motivational speaker for so many years. Probably going on 20 at this point, but I’m not really keeping track. I first got into it after I had completed drug rehab dilatation program and went on to get my PhD in social sciences including an emphasis in childhood development.